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Buses Running Approximately 25 mins late
Published on Nov 23, 2016 16:06

 November 23, 2016

At approximately 3:05 this afternoon a heating unit on the roof overheated and started to smoke resulting in the fire alarm being pulled and students and staff evacuated from the building.  The Penetang Fire Department responded, plant services from the school board were already onsite and it was determined that it was indeed just the heating unit.  Students and staff were permitted to re-enter the building to gather belongings and then dismissed and loaded on correct buses for the ride home.  All students were accounted for and at no time were staff or students in any danger.  

Regular school buses are running approximately 25 minutes behind.  Special Needs buses and vans were not affected and ran at regular time.  

Thank you to all students and parents for their cooperation as the staff dealt with this issue.